To Passing Through

Snow Patrol / Final Straw

Goodness knows I saw it coming
Or at least I’ll claim I did
But in truth I’m lost for words

What have I done? It’s too late for that
What have I become? Truth is nothing yet
A simple mistake starts the hardest time
I promise I’ll do anything you ask, this time

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Set in a future where a failed climate-change experiment kills all life on the planet except for a lucky few who boarded the Snowpiercer, a train that travels around the globe, where a class system emerges. (x)

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"there’s a wound that I know this song could mend"

K n o w your place. A c c e p t your place. Be a shoe.

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Frank Ocean / channel ORANGE

Girl, you know you’re lost

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As previously stated on my blog, Tumblr has a very sick fascination with Asians, specifically East Asians. Repulsive little white weaboos and fetishizing boys with a self-proclaimed “thing for Asian girls” are mainly referring to what they believe is the ideal Asian woman: a fair-skinned, petite, ultra thin Japanese girl in a schoolgirl uniform. If you don’t match the stereotype, you’re ignored or even branded as not “Asian enough.” 

Asia is a vast and beautiful continent with many different types of ethnic groups, skin colors, facial features, complex histories and traditions. Girls from Southeast Asia with darker skin, from Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and my own nation - Myanmar (which often times is left out of any discourse on  Southeast Asia alone, forget about Asia in general), are looked upon with distaste, either totally forgotten or simply lumped under the blanket term of the third world. Our countries are brought up in conversation only when people want to talk about how are nations are nothing but dirtiness, corruption, and prostitution. Our culture and looks aren’t cool or trendy like that of Japan or Korea, and even the depth of how much those cultures are explored and appreciated stops at anime and k-pop, bastardized by stereotypes and represented under the same set of aesthetics. Darker-skinned girls from other countries cannot seem to compare with snow-white East Asian ideal. 

I’ve endured the rolling of a fellow Asian girlfriend’s eyes when I try to talk about my culture, because apparently people from Asian nations other than East Asia don’t count as “Asian,” and we don’t have anything that’s worth being shared or appreciated. I’ve been told my skin is ugly for its brown shade, its uneven tone, my nose a huge wide bulge in the center of my ugly face. I’ve been dismissed by both white and Asian boys because of my color, been told any independent employment of my sexuality was revolting, and had my anger in response invalidated. I’ve been made to feel hideous for so long, and even wanted to denounce my ethnicity entirely because of feelings of inferiority. But I have become strong over the years. And a lot of it stems from forming solidarity with others who have had similar personal struggles. I’ve also had support from good friends and relatives, especially my own mother. She is an amazing individual with beautifully dark skin, the darkest of all her sisters, and called “brown beauty” by my late grandmother - of whom my name is inspired from.

As far as beauty standards go, white women are undoubtedly the ideal for many. Asian women of all different appearances, either pale or dark, should be celebrated in the face of Eurocentric beauty standards, and even in East Asian nations skin colors vary. However, it’s not hard to see that Asian girls with lighter skin are considered by Asian communities and society in general as more attractive. And while white men are undoubtedly at the top when it comes to throwing WOC under the bus, a lot of this negativity comes from our own Asian men, and even other Asian women. Darker-skinned girls are desexualized completely and told we are undesirable. For so long I felt like I could never feel beautiful. However, being able to do so, even by something as seemingly insignificant as a tumblr post felt wonderful, despite the few naysayers who can only view me as objectifying myself instead of feeling proud in my own skin. This is my perspective, and I chose to show it in my own way, empowering myself mentally, emotionally, sexually, etc. A man like you may view my method as vulgar, but I have every right to declare a giant “fuck you” to all the ignorance I’ve faced. You will not take that away from me. 

For all the Asian girls with darker skin out there, dark, Southeast Asian girls from countries that are forgotten…girls who are transgender, or fat, or Muslim, or Buddhist, or Hindu, or of any faith…girls with disabilities, darker girls who have come to this country as refugees or are sex workers…first, second, third gen girls, mixed girls, girls who either cover up or show it all off because that’s how they feel comfortable, girls who aren’t super-thin and petite like society wants you to be, because as I’ve stated before, there is no one Asian “look”…Asian girls with gorgeous, brown skin, probably even much browner than my own, and even more beautiful personalities, talents, and intellects…know that I got you. Whether or not you express yourself through selfies or text posts, poems or essays or songs, I want to see and hear you. I’m definitely no spokesperson and may appear to be just another basic bitch with an internet connection, but if any of you felt vindicated by this or my previous post that alone is more than I could ask for. I am so honored that I have gained the support and admiration from all of you amazing people. Thank you so much.  

So in response to homeboy up there, I’d just like to say that your disapproval of how I choose to express my views and how I go about affecting “true change” is irrelevant as hell. You’ll respect me in a black t-shirt. You’ll respect me in panties. You’ll respect me as an Asian woman and a human being. You’ll respect my brilliantly crafted writing right fucking alongside my selfies. I control my own mind, my body, and my decisions, and you’re not going to decide for me what is and isn’t “productive to my endeavor” and tell me I need to “modify how I represent myself,” so go back to reblogging anime giftsets. Unfortunately for you, I got no booty to go with my post this time around - just several pictures of my basic bitch face :) Enjoy.  

I’ve endured the rolling of a fellow Asian girlfriend’s eyes when I try to talk about my culture, because apparently people from Asian nations other than East Asia don’t count as “Asian,” and we don’t have anything that’s worth being shared or appreciated. ”

So true. I’ve had so many of my other Asian friends, who are from East Asian origin always make jokes about “omg I’m acting so Asian!” “This is so Asian!" or "I love watching Asian dramas!" But all the shit they are referring to is Japanese, Korean, or Chinese.

I also get them telling me that “I don’t look Asian" but only after I tell them that I’m mixed. I’m not white passing and I get treated like I am Asian by strangers on the street. Tired of people in my own circles reinforcing stereotypes that aren’t fucking. You can’t "look Asian" because its a huge fucking continent. Sorry my family doesn’t have hooded eye lids and pin straight black hair like you.

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“A year ago we stayed up till 3 am talking
And today I don’t know how to even say hey”

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Louie S04E02

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i have a lot to say

you just have to ask the right questions

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